$ymbil - Online Investment Platform

Would you like some help in managing your investment portfolio but without the additional cost of working with an advisor? 

$ymbil is a dynamic online investment adviser platform that assesses your risk profile and recommends a risk-appropriate managed portfolio. In only a few minutes, you'll be invested in a diversified portfolio, based on your objectives, and on your way to long-term saving and investing. All online, simple, and seamless. The portfolios available through $ymbil are actively managed by experienced investment professionals and tactically adjusted based on changes in the market.

$ymbil is for all types of investors from novice investors opening their first account to the expert who wants a simple, quick, and easy way to invest. The questionnaire places you into 1 of 5 portfolios based on age, investment goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Everything entered into the $ymbil questionnaire is dynamic which allows a proprietary algorithm designed by LTAM to help make the investment decisions.

The sign up process takes less than ten minutes and the minimum investment is only $500.

To learn more and start investing click the $ymbil logo below. Once you are invested you can establish online account access as well as access through the $ymbil app.

Symbil online investment managed portfolio









You can also watch a video to learn more about $ymbil. Click here to watch the video.

Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (“LTAM”) is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm established in 1982. They have over $2 billion in assets under management and a dedicated staff of professionals with over 100 years of combined investment management experience.