5-Step Strategic Wealth Plan

The planning process is simple but in-depth. We endeavor to find all those aspects of your life that will affect your financial decisions. From who you care about to what you worry about and how much risk you can handle in your investments. There are no right or wrong answers. By understanding as much as possible about your financial life we can find the solutions that best meet your needs. It is a solution built around you and your needs using all the tools at our disposal.

Retirement Planning Strategy

The planning process involves a number of steps:

  1. Discover: Our first meeting is so that we can get to know each other. During this meeting I will ask many questions to get an idea of what you are looking for and what you would like to achieve in your financial planning.
  2. Gather: I will collect all the necessary financial information to put a plan in place to achieve your financial goals.
  3. Recommend: During our second meeting we will go over my recommendations. I will ask for your input as it is important that you are comfortable with the plan we put in place. We can change anything at this stage and I will explain the implications of any decision we make.
  4. Implement: Once you have decided that you are happy with the plan we have put together we will then have a third meeting to sign all the documents. I will put these documents together before the meeting and then during the meeting I will explain it all to you and you will sign. Depending on what we have decided should be included in your plan, most of the next step happens behind the scenes. Generally assets are transferred electronically without your input. If insurance is involved you will need a medical exam which is done at your convenience.
  5. Review: The last step is more of a continuous step. We will meet to go over everything and ensure you have what you want. We will then meet periodically to review your progress, answer questions or make changes to your plan. How often we meet depends on you, your changing needs and the market.



Through a specific process we strive to identify  investment managers that are able to deliver consistent and repeatable results. We seek to identify managers that are able to produce above average long term results while reducing some of the risks associated with the investments. We then construct a well diversified client specific portfolio using the selected investment managers. By constructing a diversified portfolio we strive to reduce the risk and volatility that a client is exposed to while at the same time seeking above average, consistent returns.

While 75% of active managers are not able to outperform the markets, knowledge and a disciplined process can help identify the 25% that do. Even a small consistent outperformance can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.
Investment decisions are integrated with your tax planning, estate planning and charitable goals. We work closely with all your advisors providing an integrated solution in pursuit of your goals.