Retirement Income Planning

Retirement planning after retirement is very different to preparing to retire. While working, the biggest decision to be made is how much to save and then making sure to save that amount. When it comes to retirement you now have a finite bucket of money that needs to last as long as you live. Ensuring that you don’t outlive your money is complicated by the fact that we can’t see into the future.

  • How long will you live?
  • What will your health be like?
  • How will the stock market perform?
  • What will inflation be?
  • What unseen events could derail your plan?

If we could answer the above questions retirement planning would be easy. Instead we start with a whole lot of unknown and we don’t have the ability to come back and do it again.

If you are interested to know whether you have thought of everything please download my document '91 Retirement Questions'. I hope it helps for better planning.

When saving for retirement ROI means 'return on investment'. When investing to generate income ROI becomes known as 'reliability of income'. To help plan for reliability I often use the NextPhase™ Retirement Income Strategy. This is an investment strategy with the objective of providing inflation-adjusted income for life. The strategy allocates assets in a manner placing a heavy emphasis on guaranteed* streams of income that continue over long periods of time. This is extremely important because Americans are increasingly being forced to rely upon their own retirement savings to create the retirement income they will need. With longevity increasing and interest rates low, creating durable streams of retirement income can be challenging.


NextPhase™ Retirement Income Strategy provides a sound foundation for creating that income.


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